Driftwood Salon Presents ORGANICA: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

A Tribute To organic Food And Sustainable FarmingWe are so excited to announce our newest group exhibit, ORGANICA. A new, group exhibit which will feature some incredible paintings by some very talented Bay Area artists. Organica hopes to encourage viewers to think about what we eat and make a conscious daily effort to eat locally grown and raised organic foods.Like I am sure the great Guiseppe Acrimboldo knew, “you are what you eat”. We all love food, but do we ever stop to examine where it was grown, with what pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics we are exposing ourselves and our loved ones to? We shouldn’t have to!As human beings, it is our right to have access to all the goodness that Mother Nature has to offer, but often times, that choice is taken away from us. Industrialized agriculture has incremented our food sources to mass productions, rendering a product up to 40% less nutritious than what was being grown in the 1960’s, just a little over 50 years ago! Organica hope to invoke the spirit of power, in each of us, to take back that control and eat health, organic foods the way Mother Nature intended it to be!Featuring; Scott Hove, Alberto Ybarra, Eric Joyner, Lisa Alonzo, Dale Erikson, Lindsey Millikan, and Juniper Harrower!Organica will open Friday May 4th, from 6:00pm-10:00pm. Food, wine, and local organic produce will be served! For more information, please visitwww.driftwoodsalon.com